2015 Boston Marathon

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It's always been on my bucket list to go to the Boston Marathon!

Not necessarily as a runner, (not sure these legs would ever go that fast…) I've just always loved sporting events and heard about the magic that is Patriot's Day!

Boston actually gets the day off work for Patriot's Day and #MarathonMonday. It's quite the event and there is so much pride surrounding the event. Especially after the bombing two years ago... The town really turns out to support one another and it was unlike any sporting event I've ever witnessed! Even with the rain, the spirits were high!

I've run a couple marathons in my day, but it's been a good 5 years and I have to admit putting my running shoes on these days has been a major struggle. It feel like more of a wasteland watching my boyfriend bounce in from his 20 mile run while I'm still in the same position editing.

He has put so much time and effort into qualifying for Boston and now it's come and gone and I was lucky enough to travel along and cheer him on! I'm a much better cheerleader than competitor these days!

The day before the race I met up with a college girlfriend (coincidentally also named "Val") and she showed me around her new city!

I couldn't get over the beauty of Beacon Hill!

4Y5A9192.jpg 4Y5A9197.jpg 4Y5A9195.jpg 4Y5A9213.jpg

This was my favorite little side street! I was obsessed with the charm of the cobblestone and the lamp posts… Adorable, right?! 4Y5A9233.jpg

The weather was beautiful the day before the race and everyone had their newly potted blooms on display! 4Y5A9235.jpg 4Y5A9238.jpg 4Y5A9242.jpg

It was the perfect Sunday and I loved every minute of my adventure exploring Boston. Meanwhile, Tommy's Dad, step Dad and Mom were having an adventure of their own mapping out the course to attempt to see Tommy 5 times during the race!

Impossible, you say?! You clearly haven't met Tommy's Dads...

Between the two of them and their 10+ maps (literally!) there was no way we weren't going to accomplish our own little marathon! 4Y5A9318.jpg

Marathon Monday came early with a 5AM wake up call!

Tommy was gearing up and I was so excited I couldn't sleep after he left.

Unfortunately, the rain didn't let up all day, but it added another level of spirit as the spectators lined the course unwavered by the awful weather. Oh, and I guess the runners were also pretty tough…


Oh hi! Yeah, not you sir, the guy to the right of you… That's my guy!

If you noticed as I zoomed into that pic… We almost missed Tommy at our first check point! We weren't quite sure when to expect him on the first stop and it was only by chance that Martha (Tommy's Mom) saw him. (Tommy also had to dye his hair dark and grow a "beard" (attempt one at least…) for his role on the new streaming show "Casual", so we sometimes forget and almost didn't recognize him! ha.) But apparently there was another "Tommy" on the course? That guy was waving back at us like we were fam and our Tommy had no idea where we were...

We originally thought we would be on the other side of the course so Tommy was tucked in behind a bunch of runners away from us and he heard us yell for him, but didn't see us. But by the looks of it, he saw my lens! He's looking directly at me! haha)


Boston Strong! 4Y5A9383.jpg

This time he definitely saw us as he came barreling in to yell his splits so we could properly gauge his next check point 🙂

GO TOMMY! 4Y5A9409.jpg

Tommy's step Dad, John, wanted a better vantage point… Careful up there, John. 4Y5A9420.jpg

Crushing "Heartbreak Hill!" He actually got faster throughout the race! Can you tell I'm a proud girlfriend?!

Even more proud that we accomplished our goal and saw Tommy 4 times during the race and meet him at the finish line. Mission accomplished! 4Y5A9442.jpg 4Y5A9444.jpg

Hugging pops after a sub 3 hour personal record! (2:58:33) I don't think I've ever seen him more excited and happy 🙂 4Y5A9456.jpg

What an inspiring day and the perfect people to check off the Boston Marathon from my bucket list!

What are your fitness goals for 2015?! I'm thinking I need to sign up for another triathlon. Ugh. We'll see...


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