DELIVERY: Vintage Cigar Boxes

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{ The Client Box }

When I get the honor of capturing someone's wedding day I want to create something special for them.

Something that's unique to them as a couple and their big day.

For sometime now, I've been trying to find the perfect way to delivery my wedding packages.

I've tried several different methods of packaging, but none of them truly spoke to me….

I wanted to find the perfect housing unit for their beautiful wedding day keepsakes and images.

Over the past year of pursuing flea markets I started collecting these old cigar boxes.

I've always loved old things. Something that had history and had a story behind it.

I've never smoked and don't want to glamorize it, however, something about these vintage wooden boxes drew me in.

First off, they're all unique! Whether it's the stain, clasp or shape they all have personality. Also, cigars are a symbol of celebration! They're traditionally smoked in moments of greatest achievement and bring people together. I loved the idea that I will be delivering my clients a wooden box sourced by me and chosen specifically for them and it holds imagery of the greatest celebration of all - THEIR WEDDING!

Valorie-Darling-Photography-Vintage-Cigar-Boxes-for-Wedding-Clients-10177.jpgValorie Darling Photography - Vintage Cigar Boxes for Wedding Clients - 10179.jpgValorie Darling Photography - Vintage Cigar Boxes for Wedding Clients - 10183.jpg Signature

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