Remembering Glamma.

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Dorothy Dahl (Silverton, Oregon)


Dororthy (Olin) Dahl

 August 2, 1926 - October 5, 2013

A year ago today marks one of the hardest days of my life.

It's the anniversary of the car accident that took my Glamma's life and severely injured my aunt and namesake.

It's hard to think back on that day and the pain and confusion my family felt...

But seeing all the love, strength and support made me so proud to have the family that I do.

I wrote a tribute post to her on my lifestyle blog that showcased some of my most treasured stories and photos of her.

(Glamma: A Tribute)

I went back and read it today.

I think about her daily and am constantly reminded of her, whether it's a scent, piece of jewelry, or I'm listening to one of her old VMs she left me.

(I just can't bring myself to delete them…)

Going back through photos reminds me of just how special and important my job as a photographer is.

I get to not only carefully capture, but be a part of some of the most important and intimate times in a family's life.

Creating images that will forever immortalize that moment. That look. That family's story.

Here's a little peek into my family's… but there are so many more here!

Dorothy Dahl and children in matching outfits

She loved all the things I did and she taught me all the things I’m still most passionate about today. Whether she was sewing all her girls matching outfits (like the picture above) or photographing them, she always did it with such grace and style! It's so incredible looking back at photo slides (Yes, slides!) of their life so well preserved.

For us to cherish.

Glamma + Grandpa

Dahl Family - Spokane Washington, Geiger Air Base

Crater Lake - Dorothy Dahl Honeymoon

Glamma, you taught me to sew, to braid hair, to write notes and to be fun and fabulous! You've always had the most gentle and generous heart and you've been my role model and my most treasured relationship my entire life. I love you always.

Locket bracelet

It's times like these that you're reminded to be grateful for the people you choose to have in your life. I'm blessed to say I truly have the most supportive, loving, genuine and positive group of friends and family. And two of my dearest, Carlee + Jason, made me the most heartfelt gift I've ever received…

They got this antique watch and had it set to 10/5 (the day Glamma died and my grandparent's anniversary), stopped the time hands and sealed it with my favorite picture over the top.

I wear it always… forever now with my heart on my sleeve.


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