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{ One Year }

Lindsay + Chris

Got married in front of an intimate group in Malibu on a day that ended with one of the most vibrant sunsets I've ever witnessed.

Chris personally hand crafted all the details for their big day.

From the ring box, welcome sign, to the rod iron/succulent arch they were married under, to the hand dipped wax mugs for guests.

This was one to remember...

Happy Anniversary you two!

PS - They also have a newborn! I can't wait to meet the adorable baby Hazel for her big close up soon!

IMG_8757.jpg 4Y5A0865.jpg 4Y5A0850.jpg 4Y5A0918.jpg 4Y5A0837.jpg 4Y5A0942.jpg 4Y5A0995.jpg 4Y5A1111.jpg IMG_9520.jpg IMG_4162.jpg 4Y5A1867.jpg 4Y5A1897.jpg IMG_9874.jpg Side note, this wedding is soon to be featured more thoroughly on The Knot! Signature

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