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{Film Love}

4Y5A7173.jpg This is the film camera I grew up in front of... My Dad gave it to me the last time I was back home. There's something so cool about peering through the lens knowing it captured my childhood and was held by the people I care most about - my parents! They taught me to always strive for my best, work hard, and never be afraid to go after what you want! I didn't know it for so many years... I have so many loves and I never could have dreamt for myself that I could be creating a career in all the things I'm most passionate about and feel best at! Creating. Capturing. Traveling. And making people feel beautiful and inspired! All this time a hobby was under my nose and I never even considered could be my profession. I feel so fortunate to have the friends + family I do to push me and believe in my talents more than I did myself. I'm finally where I was always meant to be! I think it's important to always have goals and challenge yourself. My last vision board had international weddings on it and I'm happy to say that I have two next year! Toronto + St. Lucia! Dream big! 4Y5A7158.jpg 4Y5A7162.jpg

These snaps were from a fashion shoot I had in Culver City with Mara of M Loves M blog. I felt like she needed a prop and I think the Minolta paired perfectly!


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