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| No Comments » Ok. I caved. I'm finally doing a photography blog! Better late than never though, right?! The thing is, I already have a blog. A couple of them actually... That's why I've been a little resistant to do this and be even more consumed by cyber space. However, I always find myself struggling to choose just a few images to share on my website from each session. I want to share more! I want to tell your story! I figured a photography blog would be the only way to do this. So here it is... I'm one of three ladies who writes a Food, Fashion, Fitness, DIY, Lifestyle blog: Skinny Fat Girl Diary. I also contribute on Lauren Conrad's blog. SFG4SFG7 SFG-Slumber-Party-Pillow-Fight I started a charity four years ago (2010) with a couple friends called, SoCal HeARTs. We put on a free summer camp for local foster kids and low-income families, as well as throwing a Holiday Party for them. Oh what fun it's been to watch these sweet babies grow up and learn about their talents and passions. I feel like I have 100 children. They are my joy. SoCalHeARTs I've been blessed to share my passion of photography with these kiddos and see the world through their eyes. Their talents and constant positive energy despite life's challenges is astounding to me. So much love.


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