The Knot – Best of Weddings 2015

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{ I WON! } 

The Knot Best of Weddings 2015 Pick I'm over the moon excited to announce that The Knot named me one of their top wedding photographers!

I'm overwhelmed to be considered in the top percentage of vendors in my industry, especially coming from one of the most prestigious wedding publications.

Thank you to all my wonderful clients for writing such sweet reviews and believing in me!

I'm seriously on cloud nine...Woohoo!

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My journey to becoming a wedding photographer...

When I started shooting, weddings was the one thing I knew I didn't want to do! I was terrified of them. The thought of the immense pressure of someone's most important day that can't be redone scared me into thinking I wouldn't be able to handle the responsibility and would somehow mess it all up. I'd always LOVED weddings (have managed to be in more than my share too) and shooting around the hired photographer was always such a thrill, but I wouldn't allow myself into thinking I could actually BE the "real" photographer. It wasn't until one of my best friend's (who I started my charity, SoCal HeARTs, with...) forced me to shoot her wedding that I felt brave enough to step into the world of wedding photography. Thanks, Carlee! It's easy to let self-doubt and negativity creep in… I'm not good enough. What if I miss the first kiss? Or even worse, they don't like any of them? But she and her husband had all the confidence in the world in me (or maybe it was just a small wedding budget?! haha) and made me feel like no one could capture them better. I rented some extra lenses, a backup flash and tried to act like I had done this before. Here goes nothing. Their faith in me gave me the boost I needed to embrace my talents and enjoy the process! It was definitely a wild day, but I loved every minute of it! I realized being a wedding photographer is so much more than just snapping away… it's being a DIYer, wrangler, art director, cheerleader, and most importantly friend. Pretty much all the things I'm best at and love most. Score! I grew up thinking there wasn't enough time in the day to do everything I loved, and here I am in a profession that combines all my strengths and fulfills me unlike anything I've ever done. The wedding even got published in Style Me Pretty! MY VERY FIRST WEDDING GOT PUBLISHED! (insert squeals!) How's that for validation? Then came the random bridal clients and I started to let that self doubt work back in... I'm not a "real photographer", do these people know I'm an impostor?! How did they find me? I had to give myself more credit that these people found me for a reason - they liked my work! It was the best and most confusing feeling... I'm so thankful I trusted that what was being put in front of me was my right path. Finding my passion and turning it into a career was on accident. I wish I had enough vision to have realized where I was meant to be, but I couldn't even imagine that photography could be my job! How lucky am I?! Signature

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